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Author:  kittenface [ Wed Dec 18, 2019 1:36 am ]
Post subject:  Re: IN THE NEWS 2017-2019

Peregrine Falcon Released After Rehabilitation
December 17, 2019
Milly — a Peregrine Falcon who was found at Spittal Pond — has been released after receiving rehabilitation and care at the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo.
While our animal care staff have extensive experience with seabirds and small perching birds, raptors are rare accessions into our rehabilitation program and they normally arrive in such bad shape that they seldom survive.

“They require careful handling in captivity due to their ability to seriously injure a caregiver with either a talon or hooked beak designed for tearing up small animals. After initial examinations it was found to be a young female that was extremely underweight. 2 weeks of intensive care by our dedicated staff brought her back up to the weight of an average adult.
The day before her release she was fitted with a GPS-GSM Solar-Powered Telemetry unit from Cellular Tracking Technologies, purchased by the Atlantic Conservation Partnership, the US based support charity for BAMZ.

“These ‘tags’ are new technology that utilise GSM cellular networks to pinpoint location and other data which is then transmitted for cloud-based accessibility online. The tag has a solar panel and must be small enough to not impede the bird in any way, but large enough to allow for the panel and the hardware needed for the data collection and transmission.
More here:

Author:  gigi [ Thu Jan 23, 2020 4:23 pm ]
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Article from the LA Times about the Big Bear Eagles. I love the "bonding" picture they selected! :flirty:
The hottest 24/7 reality show in Southern California right now could be called “The Real Bald Eagles of Big Bear Lake.”


Author:  SWINWK [ Sat Jan 25, 2020 10:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: IN THE NEWS 2017-2020

:1val: Saw a reference to this on a chat and thought it was interesting. To think this eagle was shot at one time (not what this article is about, but found when examined) and now has collided with the windshield of a semi traveling down the road and has survived is amazing!! Info shared by chatter (who photographs this eagle), but not in article is: the bullet is in the shoulder that they will leave be, hoping to be released on Tuesday, photographers from site shared photos with rehab to ID her, eggs normally in February, Dad (her mate) has been looking and calling for her. :flirty: I am hoping this female eagle is able to be released as above and reunites with her mate.

From ABC news:

Friday, January 24, 2020 3:23PM
NEW HAVEN, Connecticut (WABC) -- A bald eagle and truck driver avoided a near fatal accident Wednesday when the bird collided with the 18-wheeler on a busy highway in Connecticut, according to police officials.

The female bird was scavenging food along northbound on I-95 near Exit 44 in New Haven when she spotted roadkill and swooped down from a lamppost onto the center lane, officers say, resulting in the blaring horn of an oncoming car that scared her off.

Police say as she flew up to avoid being hit, the bald eagle collided full force with the windshield of the 18-wheeler, shattering it completely.

Scott Burke, the unharmed truck driver, stated that it happened so fast and was one of the scariest things he has encountered in all his 25 years of being a truck driver.

Burke immediately called police after the accident. Authorities say the eagle hung on to the side of the truck cab until a complete stop was made about 1,000 feet later.

In order to avoid any additional collisions, police decided to close down the highway to safely rescue the eagle.

The eagle was rushed off to A Place Called Home, a wildlife rehab center in Connecticut, where it was determined she had no fractures, but did have blood inside of her mouth and trachea. It was also revealed that the bird was shot in the past.

The adult eagle will be released once the rehab center sees her bleeding has subsided.

Author:  gigi [ Tue Jan 28, 2020 10:29 am ]
Post subject:  Re: IN THE NEWS 2017-2020

Not really in the news, but uncertain as to where to post. From RRP with great illustrations:
How long does it take a bald eagle to lay an egg?

"February 10, 2019 RaptorResource
This blog was first posted on Thursday, February 22, 2018.
While it was written about Mom and Dad Decorah, it applies to all of the eagles we watch"

Author:  gigi [ Sat Mar 14, 2020 8:52 am ]
Post subject:  Re: IN THE NEWS 2017-2020

Not actually in the news, but newsworthy from MN DNR eagles:

"Countdown to the hatch

The rare glimpses we get of our eagles’ eggs may suggest not much is going on with them, but inside those white shells a host of physiological changes are or will soon be unfolding in what amounts to a 72-hour countdown to the hatch.

One of the main things that needs to happen is for the embryonic chick to switch from getting oxygen through the membrane that surrounds it in the egg to breathing on its own. First, a muscle at the nape of the chick’s neck swells and causes the head and beak to twitch and press against an inner membrane that eventually is pierced, allowing air to reach the chick. At this point it starts to actually breathe, and the chick’s parents may be able to hear faint chirping from inside the egg.

As the chick breathes and re-breathes the air inside the egg, carbon dioxide accumulates, causing more muscle spasms. A bony protuberance on the chick’s beak known as the “egg tooth” taps at the shell until a tiny, barely visible star forms, letting in some fresh air. With that, the chick usually calms down for a few hours before creating a larger, visible hole known as a “pip.” EagleCam watchers may recall seeing the pip, with a tiny beak visible inside, in years past.

With an opening to the outside, the chick’s lungs become fully functional, which triggers the little bird to start rotating inside its shell, industriously cutting around the egg’s circumference until a cap is loosened and the bird first lifts its fluffy head into view. The week or so after hatching tends to be one of the riskiest for chicks.

These three eggs were laid on February 6, 9 and 12, and incubation usually lasts about 35 days, so we’re all keeping our fingers crossed and hoping for a successful hatch soon!"

Author:  SWINWK [ Tue Mar 24, 2020 10:46 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: IN THE NEWS 2017-2020

:1val: From Poppy the mod at Hog Island, Chesapeake Ospreys:

Poppy Mod • 5 hours ago • edited
You might experience a lesser quality in YouTube videos and live streams, this is why:

(CNN)Videos on YouTube will now default to standard definition for all users worldwide, a step down from the typical high definition that users normally see.

The move is aimed at easing the burden on internet infrastructure as lockdowns and other emergency policies have kept millions at home.
The global change, which was announced and began rolling out on Tuesday, is expected to last for approximately 30 days as millions of people around the globe stay home amid the coronavirus pandemic.
In a statement, YouTube said the move is meant "to do our part to minimize stress on the system during this unprecedented situation."
Users will still be able to manually change to a higher resolution on a per-video basis, YouTube told CNN.
YouTube and Netflix previously said they would reduce streaming quality in Europe for a limited time to prevent the internet collapsing under the strain of unprecedented usage due to the coronavirus pandemic.
Due to more people working and studying from home, the internet's underlying infrastructure is expected to face "an enormous stress test," industry analysts have told CNN. Even some of the biggest tech platforms are now grappling with a greater challenge in keeping their services up and running amid surging demand.
Last week, Facebook (FB) CEO Mark Zuckerberg told reporters that the company's platforms are facing "big surges" in engagement, with traffic patterns exceeding what the company ordinarily sees around the New Year's holiday.
On Tuesday, Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, said there is "a lot of usage, a lot of demand" on the service. During an Instagram livestream, Mosseri added that a new feature on Instagram dedicated to showing what users are doing from home — titled Stay Home — was so popular it "almost took down Instagram" in its opening hours.

Author:  gigi [ Wed Mar 25, 2020 12:14 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: IN THE NEWS 2017-2020

Thank you! I am limiting my watching.

Author:  Beth [ Wed Mar 25, 2020 12:23 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: IN THE NEWS 2017-2020

Wow-thanks your the info Swinwk!
~And thanks Gigi-interesting!

Author:  SWINWK [ Mon May 11, 2020 1:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: IN THE NEWS 2017-2020

:1val: Ran across this a few minutes ago on FB and thought some here might be interested:

Wildlife Center of Virginia
1 hr ·
We admitted another Bald Eagle over the weekend -- this banded female eagle was hit by a vehicle on Sunday. Band results confirmed that she is a four-year-old female, who is actually the offspring of Bald Eagle "ND" - a bird who hatched at Norfolk Botanical Garden in 2010. That means this eagle is Buddy the Bald Eagle's niece!

Author:  gigi [ Fri May 15, 2020 10:24 am ]
Post subject:  Re: IN THE NEWS 2017-2020

Awww. I hope she recovers. It is always wonderful to see one survive and become a breeding adult!

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