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 Post subject: Salt Lake City nest building and area
PostPosted: Fri May 02, 2014 3:01 pm 
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All pics and information provided by SLC resident and BCAW member, Lizzy...thanks Liz!!

Liz's Blog:

Well not exactly. That low building up above is The Joseph Smith Memorial Building (JSMB for short) (below) and you are seeing the northwest wing of a H shaped building. The nest is actually on the NE side. So when the fledge they fly over to the Administration building shown on the right in this picture. You can see the garden in between, which is the garden seen from the nest box. You can see the Temple to the right. The street just here in front is South Temple Street where Primo did that long low flow over traffic landing in the middle of the street, which ended up putting him in the rehab facility in Colorado. He just couldn't stop himself from coming to the ground.


Here is a photo looking from the north (the rear) of that H shaped building, the JSMB

Here is the NE corner where the nest box is. You can see the rock and a falcon perched on the ledge. The very corner of the building is where they cache food on the stone ledge.

This is the grounds from the rear (north side looking south between JSMB and Temple) we spend a lot of time here watching flights.

One more from above of the JSMB, Temple, Tabernacle and you can see all the glass buildings across South Temple Street which cause the kids so much trouble.

I added some labels to help. When you read my blog, I talk about COB, JSMB, Temple and Admin Bldg. In this photo the Admin Bldg is not visible but it is in some on the next post. This is looking NE. If you followed the Elizabeth Smart story, those foothills directly behind the COB is where her captors held her the first few weeks.


Also from Liz!!!

-"I work just a block away for Falcon Central. I got involved in 2009 when I saw a news article asking for volunteers.

-Falcon Central, as Bob calls it, is the sidewalk that runs between the Admin Bldg and JSMB. So sort of that opening you see at the base of COB and World Trade. Bob sets up his folding chair there and the rest of the volunteers have 2-way radios so he can position us where he thinks birds are likely to fly. From that position Bob has eyes on the nest, COB, the front of JSMB and Zions Bank. So, he will post one or two of us at 1. COB 2. The Gap 3. The reflecting pond on west side of JSMB 4. Bench that sits under nest box and the rest of us up and down the sidewalk of South Temple Street.

-'The Gap' is referred to many times during our time there. It's an attractive flight path for the kids when they come off the JSMB. As you know after they fledge, they usually end up in the gardens of Temple Square, we pick them up, band them and take them to the top of the Beehive for release. The first couple flights from the Beehive usually head toward safe areas, like the Temple or the roofline of JSMB or Admin Bldg. But after they get some experience, they are very attracted to that 'gap' that runs south on Main Street. Its a terrible area, lots of places to get lost since its an open shopping center. In 2012 one of the kids landed on the sidewalk and walked in to the H&M store, as they had their door propped open. Scared a customer half to death. Probably Primo, he just couldn't stay in the air.

-Zion's Bank Building is our nemesis. It has a lot of glass with no ledges to perch. The kids have crashed there many times. Solo crashed last year twice, the first time he was rescued by the firetruck. The second ultimately led to his death as he had spinal injuries from the crash. Zion's is also the location of the famous Boxer Sue photo airing herself on a large fan."


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