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Author:  skygirlblue [ Mon Jul 27, 2009 7:50 am ]

Well, now that we are currently "entrenched" in egg layings, pippings, and hatchings, this brings up the issue of quality pictures. For the most part, everyone is doing a great job with pictures, but occasionally some pics are posted, usually in haste, that aren’t quite up to snuff.

The main problems we run into with pictures are:
* A picture that is so large that it throws the whole page out of whack
* A picture that is too blurry and/or distorted, making it difficult to see what the heck the poster is trying to show

As administrators and moderators, we can certainly understand the reasons: looking for pips, hatches, etc.
But in an effort to maintain quality, we may occasionally do one of the following:
* Resize/crop/edit the pic ourselves.
* Ask the person who has posted the pic to resize, etc.
* If the picture is really blurry and/or distorted, and after trying to edit, we may delete the picture all together. If we do this, we will try to post a message in its place that the picture was deleted.

When posting pictures please make sure they are as great a quality as possible.
They should be clear and without distortion.
Pictures should measure at the widest about 800 pixels (About 8 inches). This will keep the forum width manageable. Anything over that will be rejected by the forum and you will need to resize.

Our goal with the forum is to encourage a world wide dialogue that educates and informs the followers of Bird Cams Around the World. A huge thank you to all for your great efforts in making this such a respected forum worldwide.

And remember: A good picture is worth more than a 1000 words!

Examples of unsuitable pictures- too blurry/distorted. Size is fine in all. You get the picture!!
Image Image

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